"I’ve been seeing Courtney in her Rolf practice for over 2 years now, and she has helped my pain and posture tremendously. She considers how muscles are interconnected leading up to my pain points and knows just where to release them in different places to resolve my pain and tightness. She even figured out where to release my jaw so that my dentist’s TMJ treatment is more effective. I can now stand up straighter and feel less pain, thanks to Courtney!" Amy S, Plano, TX


"In early 2015, I was suffering from nagging pains and an uncooperative body. I was unable to do all of the activities that I enjoyed and those I felt were necessary for my health. I had constant shoulder pain, intermittent, but severe hip pain and muscles that we over tight throughout my whole body. I tried myofascial release, but only experienced temporary relief for my tight muscles and no relief for my hip and shoulder. Then someone suggested Rolfing Structural Integration. I did some research and decided to give it a shot. Going to see Courtney Ward Maxwell for my Rolfing Structural Integration Ten Series was one of the best decisions of my life. I feel like I have a new body. I am now able to enjoy running, Pilates, weightlifting, swimming and biking without worrying about aggravating injuries. I experience typical muscle fatigue from my activities, but now I recover quickly and can move on with my life. I highly recommend Courtney and Rolfing to anyone who feels like they are fighting their body on a daily basis or anyone who just wants to improve their physical performance."  S.G., Frisco, Tx


"I had my first Rolfing series with Courtney and it was truly life changing. I have been a physical therapy patient off and on for many years with both back and knee issues. The physical therapy sessions have made a big difference. However, when I began my Rolfing sessions I realized this was the key to a complete package in my healing process. Some of the issues Physical therapy was not able to address Rolfing did. I am able to do many things I have been limited in for the last 8 years. I am so excited with how wonderful this experience turned out to be. Courtney is not only extremely knowledgeable but she makes you feel so comfortable and really listens and attunes your sessions to what you personally need. There were a few sessions I literally felt a huge difference as soon as I got off the table. Thanks Courtney!"  B.T. McKinney, TX